Meet Johnny Canik.

“Lets talk numbers for a minute. Johnny Canik‘s first club podcast has been downloaded a staggering 300,000 times…”

This was the opening statement we wrote about our good time geezer Master CANIK just 16 months ago. We mentioned mixtape because, alas, he was just a wee boy on his way to his first production class, regardless of his monster fan base. Well how shit has changed for this man.

CANIK is a musical magnet. If you can manage to fight your way through the horde of screaming bitches tossing their knickers at him (girls, he’s not Tom Jones) you will understand this. Johnny’s music is crack, the speakers are the needle and you my friend, are the junkie.

Since we wrote this bio he has not only mastered production like a prince, he’s now the head honcho, big cheese, A+R lord of undisputed underground label Hungry Koala Records and has a stash of Beatport glitter including a recent #1 Beatport Minimal, ‘In The Am’.

Add to that a close finish a few months before at #2 ‘Ass Shake’, oh and #7 with heavyweights Min&Mal ‘Collide’, a cheeky #8 ‘Motivate’ .. Oh but there’s more, 16, 17, 19, it goes on – he is the real deal. Well what now?

Aside from gigs galore and a long-term weekly resident of Melbourne institution Tramp Jungle, at time of going to press, our man is off on a multi-city national tour, but when he gets back (if), he’s all yours and it’s with supercharged pleasure that we bring you an artist with his foot firmly on the accelerator.

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