Is it me you’re looking for?

WHO? You. That’s who.

If you are looking for a collection of photos of everyone standing in suits, smiling in our airbrushed glory, pretending to work, you won’t find it here. Neither will you find company structures, ego boastful bios or lies about degrees we don’t have. We do, but who cares. Really. Additionally, you will not find a list of boasts here of current or past clients nor an almighty namedrop that we once organised a party for Tony Abbots ‘coming out party’. We tried. But he politely declined.

Why? Because we believe if you come to us for help, it should be discrete. A service of invisible and immaculate assistance to you and your brand with no mention you didn’t do it on your own. Public perception comes before our need to boast online, but should you require further background, simply drop us a line.

For DJ BOOKINGS, naggings that ‘the DJ didn’t play we love to party by the Venga boys’ or anything artists / music related please email [email protected]

For general enquirers regarding creative or bar rescue please email [email protected]

For event – and tailor made event solutions, please contact [email protected]

 In an emergency, call the police, your mother or a priest.

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