Milkfed Creative.

To the wee world of music, most assume we merely own a few clubs, manage a few acts and throw lots of hell raising parties.
Yes yes, do go on…

High fives and good vibes.



Understanding youth culture has always been a vital ingredient in our triumph to successful branding & marketing. 

How else do you convince 100+ people to permanently tattoo the name of a nightclub on their bodies to skip the line each week? We actually did that. Hello Tracey Grimshaw… I know, right? OUTRAGEOUS!

We’re not all about tattoos, festivals and clever party tricks – our creative team has a history of corporate client flings too. Our mixed bag of talent has held key marketing contracts and bumped uglies with the likes of Qantas, Sportsgirl, Grill’d, Lindt and Samsung to name a few. We’ve also been caught sippin’ booze with the owners of the best Liqour brands, entertainers and venue owners in town.



This is where it all began – with a printed flyer. This is where we show off our artistic Photoshop mastery and where our graphics are king.

Print media is about positioning your brand, and giving your brand a voice in a world that’s easily always distracted.

We like to push the envelope and edge on the side of riské. We’ll take an otherwise boring image, and turn it in to highly polished art.

We like to remove the word boring and what’s considered “the norm” from everything we do – and that’s what floats our boat.

Sometimes we are cheeky, sometimes we are witty, but most importantly, we speak like you want to speak, we look like you want to look and we sell what you wish you could sell… all without a glitch.



A few years ago, using videos to market your baby was a big budget, big bag of bullsh*t. Why?

To get the impact you want, this involved copywriters, story tellers, camera crews and erratic editors. Oh and throw in some animation experts to boot. Did we mention titles?

Welcome to the one-stop video shop. Unlike more traditional forms of marketing which are hard to prove tangible, measuring video readership is simply a click away.