Marketing by Milkfed.

We’d like to remain collectively humble here whilst cunningly tell you we believe we would be up their as some of the best marketeers in the business.


Campaigns & Strategy.

The power of the reveal.

We employ campaigns and strategy to media releases when we believe a product or brand requires some extra thinking.

Our strategy is strong. It’s sometimes invisible. At other times it’s so in your face you just can’t ignore it. Most of our campaigns involve digital media.

Why? Because collectively, we have an audience of over 200,000 people following our social Pages, with a reach in the millions… and they all think like us.

Social Media.

There are a lot of social media companies out there. We are not the cheapest, nor are we SEO specialists.

Why? Because we believe our product should lead people to your problem – not selling enough and to the right people. . Not even the top SEO in the world can mask a bad operation with bad marketing. If we are to be your social media strategists, it’s important that we create what we are selling, and vice versa. We generally don’t like to push other peoples ideas about artwork. We design. We shout. We sell.

An ideal situation would be us being engaged as your go to marketeer, and also engaged as your social media management team to ensure this happens properly. For example, we don’t see the value in one person creating the marketing and another person implementing it. It needs to be consistent.

You need a voice: across social media, in print, and in the press. The voice, much like your product, has a personality of its own and needs to be recognised with consistency if it is to survive and grow.

We are experts in reach. We understand what works and what doesn’t. We know when to spend money and we know how to endgame without. Talk to us today about your social requirements.

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