Venues by Mikfed

This isn't our first rodeo.

Matt Giles owns and operates iconic Melbourne underground club Tramp, plus ridiculously busy Bigfoot lodge, Niseko Japan. Does this makes him the authority on all things bright and boozyful? Nope. But this isn’t his first rodeo either. For us, the cheeky buggers at Milkfed who demand free drinks from both venues (hey – we’re practically family right?) – for us these two venues are good examples of how we like to market an operation.

Are these successful little booze dens a perfect example of hospitality? To some. To many in fact… and God bless you all. What they are however are personality driven venues. You can practically hear the voice of the owner. Did he write both websites? Nope. Does he create all marketing? Nope. We live and breath both products – as does he.

Our understanding of the core business versus the target market is paramount.

Is everything we say cool as all shit? Pretty much. But on a serious note – venue marketing, particularly the hospitality industry is where we shine. From festivals to laid back martini hour – we have the power and nous to sell. And with a combined 25 years in hospitality – the music driven, vodka swilling sort, we like to demonstrate our knowledge and marketing know how in your brand awareness.


Bar Rescue

So you already run /own a venue – but to put it bluntly – it sucks. Honesty is the best policy. You don’t need us to tell you this, the proof is in the tills (or lack of).

All hope is not lost; you may just need some quick, inexpensive guidance? Then again the problem may be bigger – your suppliers have stopped supplying and your customers are long gone.

It may be a whole bunch of misfortune that has lead you to this moment – but stress less, we are experts in venue turnaround.

We call it Venue Rehab. Sometimes things just don’t work. Location, bad press, poor service, inferior product, ill-conceived marketing, staff theft and/or poor public perception – Lots of these little things lead to the inevitable closure of many venues, every day – its what you do now and how fast you do it that counts.

If you’re experiencing a downturn in business or your pride and joy is on the rocks, you need some guidance from someone who’s expertise is venue re-development. Stand up, dust yourself down and drop us a line, we’re only too happy to offer you a commitment free assessment.

Outlet Setup

Statistically speaking, only 50% of all new hospitality operations make it past the first six months! However, if this hasn’t scared you off, we’re here to help.

With over 22 years experience in hospitality, we have access to the very best designers, architects, sound & lighting specialists and licensing experts right down to the raw product masters, craft bartenders, menu writers, branding experts, hosts, promotors and music masters. We know the who’s who and we know what works and what doesn’t.